design concept

The "M" logo symbolized Michang Cable.
The logo design describe the leap forward spirit of Michang cable, which continue to grow and advance as a trust company, a creative company and a company that servers the nation and society.
The "M" letter symbolize the effort and race to be reborn, the "spear" across M letter symbolize goal and challenge.


Word mark is designed to indicate the official name of Michang Cable.
The word mark is visually adjusted the balance and proportion considering the unity and combination. The word mark does not allow any change in any situation.

  • Symbol type

    미창케이블 심볼타입
  • English word type

    미창케이블 영문워드타입
  • Korean word type

    미창케이블 국문워드타입

Color Grid

미창케이블 cibi컬러