Recruitment process

  • Employment notice
  • Document Screening
  • Business interview
  • Executive interview
  • Final acceptance
  • Recruitment Type

    1. Open recruitment for the first/latter half of the year
    2. Occasional recruitment for new and career experience

  • Submission document

    1. Job application form (Michang's form),
    self-instruction letter/Career Description (Free form) career
    certificate, transcript, diploma, resident registration
    2. Other data to prove job competency

  • Eligibility

    1. Office worker
    ① Students with bachelor's degree or higher
    ② Give preference to job-related majors
    ③ Give preference to experience applicants
    2. Production worker
    ① High school graduation or higher
    ② Give preference to experience applicants

  • Enquiry

    Human resource e-mail :
    Please understand that we only accept inquiries via e-mail.

  • Common Requirements and
    Preferential Treatment

    1. Applicant who has no reason to disqualify trip abroad
    2. Those who have excellent language ability (English,
    Japanese, Vietnamese)
    3. Those with relevant certificate
    4. Give preference to supporting employment case and
    disabled according to relevant laws

  • Further information

    1. Download job application form from website and
    specify application field.
    2. Use free form for self-instruction and career description
    and describe capabilities in detail.
    3. Submission documents are not returned. If there are any
    false are found from job application form, the acceptance
    will be canceled.