Job description

  • R&D


    • Part design and specification review
    • New technologies review and benchmarking
    • Improve problems through reliability test


    • Make prototype production and analyze problems/reflect improvement
    • Establish proto and mass production schedule, Review process / reflect improvement
    • Component development and SOP preparation

    Sale cost management

    • Respond to customer inquiry
    • Profit management through mass production cost control
    • Overall management of internal cost
  • Production

    Production Management

    • Establish plan for personnel for production
    • Productivity management
    • Logistic / environment / safety management related to production
    • Improve productivity through production innovation activities

    Sales Management

    • Establish customer sales plan
    • Sale performance management
    • Control product shipment and delivery system
    • Sales performance management (customers/ products)
  • Quality

    Quality Assurance

    • To assure compliance with customer quality requirement
    • Improve quality for customer satisfaction
    • Analyze cause of defect release and improve

    Quality Control

    • Incoming inspection according to drawing
    • Part inspection according to standard documents
    • Improvement activities for process defect
  • Administration


    • Find and control supplier
    • Procure material
    • Establish global purchasing strategy


    • Facility maintenance, welfare and general affairs
    • Recruitment/Salary/promotion and personnel management
    • Financial management
    • Analyze business performance