Personnel system

Level system

Michang Cable operate a fair promotion system based on ability and performance evaluation, and provide special promotions for
employees with outstanding work skills.

Employee Assistant Manager Manager Deputy Manager General Manager Executive

* Based on College graduated man

Salary system

Salary system consists of three systems : Hourly wage, monthly salary and annual salary. We implement differentiating compensation
according to management performance. Provide incentive according to management performance.


  • Hourly wage system

    Production employee

  • Monthly salary system

    Office employee :
    Assistant manager and below

  • Annual salary system

    Office employee :
    Manager and above

Human resource training system

We have education programs aimed to grow employees as experts in various fields and even leaders of Michang cable.
As we have built today's Michang together, we will continue to build Tomorrow's Michage with our employees.

  • Job

    • Job competency training
    • Supplier training
    • Foreign language education
  • Basic

    • Communication training
    • Organization culture revitalization
    • Business manner training
    • New employee training (OJT)
  • Leadership

    • Leadership training by level
    • Organization management training
    • Motivation and training junior staff